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A passion for olive oil: From the warmth of Sicily to the gentle rolling Australian hills

Taralinga Estate Olive Grove is located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, 90 kilometres south of Melbourne, the culinary capital of Australia.

Taralinga Estate was established in 2015 by renowned Melbourne businessman, Salvatore (Sam) Tarascio to honour his Italian family who produced high quality olive oil in Vizzini near Sicily in the 1930s.

The olive grove sits on 86 hectares of gently rolling hills and is home to 25,000 premium quality olive trees that have already produced award-winning olive oil in its two years of operation.

Committed to raising the bar in production quality, Taralinga Estate invested in a state-of-the-art olive press from Pieralisi, which was imported from Italy and installed by the manufacturer on location.

The Estate also provides contract processing services to fellow olive growers and producers within Victoria. Through the Pieralisi press, Taralinga Estate pressed almost 1,000 tonne of olives in its inaugural year.

Taralinga Estate founders, Sam and his wife Christine, endeavour to emulate the vision of the Tarascio family heritage by processing premium quality olive oil recognised for its excellence.

Pieralisi Partnership
Taralinga Estate is home to world-leading olive press technology from Pieralisi, the only olive grove of its kind in the Mornington Peninsula region. After conducting thorough research, Taralinga Estate purchased a Pieralisi olive press for its advanced two-phased system and ability to produce superior levels of antioxidants, delivering the highest quality oil at yields of 12 per cent to 18 per cent.

The Italian born technology allows Taralinga Estate to process olives for up to four different clients at the one time with a continuous process system. With a crushing capacity of 2.2 tonne per hour, Taralinga Estate can help fellow Mornington Peninsula and Victorian growers to produce premium olive oil.

Taralinga Estate has won a number of awards for its Pieralisi pressed premium label and blended olive oils. Independent testing of Taralinga Estate products has revealed some of the highest levels of Polyphenol antioxidants in Australia.

Australian Food Awards 2016
•    Gold - Taralinga Estate Premium Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil
•    Gold - Taralinga Estate Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sol D’Oro Southern Hemisphere Awards 2016
•    Silver - Taralinga Estate Premium Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil
•    Special Mention - Taralinga Estate Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Australian National 20th EVOO Competition 2016
•    Gold - Taralinga Estate Premium Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil
•    Silver - Taralinga Estate Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards (RMFFA) 2015
•    Bronze - Taralinga Estate Premium Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Quotes from Sam Tarascio

“Olive oil runs through the Tarascio family’s veins and Taralinga Estate embodies the passion for excellence my family has had for more than a century since producing premium olive oil back in our home town of Vizzini near Sicily.”

“Following in the footsteps of my Nonno Salvatore (Turri), Taralinga Estate aspires to grow and produce the world’s best extra virgin olive oil and we are honoured to have already been awarded with a number of national and international accolades.”

“We are proud to have already made significant progress within the industry through our partnership with Pieralisi. It is through the use of this technology that Taralinga has been able to produce some of the world’s finest olive oil and cater to the needs of our fellow growers.”

“I am extremely impressed with the results Pieralisi and Taralinga Estate have produced in only our second year of operation. The Taralinga Estate and Pieralisi partnership is the perfect fit and pays homage to our Italian heritage.”